Friday, 25 October 2013

Peggy Harris' Workshop 19, 20 & 21 Oct 2013

Well we all started out all eager eyed and bussy tailed (a bit like that squirrel!!) it was the first time Id painted in oils apart from a disasterous attempt at school some few years ago!!  I struggled and struggled and as we were working under electric lights this poor little fella looked green to me......... in daylight he looks yellow so best to keep him in the dark till I get used to him.  The oils were kept in an airtight container to use later on in an attempt to finish him off.........or me!!  the latter being the case as they set hard and were useless so Im stuck with him now.  The only colour that would work was the yellow which I liberally daubed onto the leaves to give him an autumnal feel........

Day 2 and I was feeling optimistic that maybe the bunny would be a little easier to cope with........Hmmm all those well laid plans eh!  I was nearing the end and went to put the dark blue shadow on the back of him to show off the moonlight..........of course too quickly I realised that the fur hadnt dried out and was wiped clean away with the float of watery dark blue which was slapped over his back and hindquarters........  I do try honest I do!!  I blotted it off and reapplied the fur cause I didnt want a bald bunny and left it be till today (Fri 25th Oct)  when I was certain that the paint had dried!!  You cant float over wet paint........... he also got his fireflies tinted yellow and a few stars scattered in the sky.

Day 3 was supposed to be the easier of the 3 projects.......... Oh I got on great with the dragon flies, birds nest, eggs, feather and snail but the butterflies ........... couldnt believe what a mess I made of them.  Anyway I worked on them again today and they do look a bit better or rather more lifelike..........

It was so lovely meeting up with the ladies from all over UK looking forward to seeing them come next April when we'll be painting with Maureen McNaughton!!

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  1. It was lovely to be and paint with you all, a great northern welcome xxx