Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Key Cupboards for Joyce

I painted the first cabinet using Peggy Harriss' bee and butterfly designs from her book and the queen anne's lace and took the seperate elements and composed it all together.  She was so happy she asked me to paint another one for her daughter with a fairy sitting on a toadstool so I looked through my Ritva Rasmusson painting books and spied this cute little fairy sitting in some flowers so made her sit on a large mushroom and painted the ones as if she was surrounded in a fairy ring of mushrooms.  This was  a fun project and I used some mica paints to give a pearlescence to her clothes and wings.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mum's 90th Birthday Cake - took me 2 weeks to make all these sugar flowers!!!! Was so worried as I was baking it hoping it would be perfect!!

Window Box card

This was sweet I copied this from another blogger as I wanted to try it out......... I think it was a Stampin Up designer as the punch I used for the flowers was one of theirs.  It was so sweet but the instructions were a big vague so I winged this one and used a stamp by Claritystamps for the leaf spray and a Martha Stewart edging punch for the butterflies (I kept the scraps but didnt used the edger on the card).  The next time I make this one I want to find my wood stamp to give the flower box some more realism.  The second attempt on this card I used the brick template to look like a wall at the back of the flower box which was fun.

Patchwork Stamps from Chocolate Baroque

The first attempt at this card was through looking at a member of the design teams from Chocolate Baroques and copy it with just the scant instructions that it was made with 2 6 x 6" card blands and that they were interweaved at the front.  Well I had a go as I love this set of stamps and the look of the distance between the layers.  I didnt have the die for cutting the fence at the front though so of course improvised and I used a Martha Stewart punch.  When Id completed it I was really satisfied but then remembered that Id bought a stencil that was brickwork so decided the the fence should change into a brick wall with trellis on the top.  This was fun to make but very labour intensive and I was frustrated as the greens were too dark and if they were lighter they seemed to turn blue.  I used a selection of Promarkers, Sharpies and Prismacolor pens the latter 2 being obtained fron the USA!!  God bless America cause the UK is rubbish at variety of markers apart from the really really expensive ones...........