Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tiah's Birthday Cake

A friend of my husband's asked me if I could bake and ice a birthday cake for his daughter whose 12 today.  As always I asked loads of questions about her and what sorts of things that she likes and we decided on horses so this is what I made for her.  Her Daddy was really pleased with it when he picked it up tonight!


  1. brilliant Ann and how special she must have felt having a cake especially designed for her
    Mina xxx
    consider switching off the word verification Ann it puts some people off commenting xxx

    1. Thanks Mina thats so kind of you to say. I used to run my own cake icing business 18 years ago in Germany for 5 years and so enjoyed creating these. I came back to UK (Sheffield) and nobody wanted my cakes they were supposedly too expensive and everybody could make them so much better than me so I packed up my kit and have hardly done one since! I paint these days instead.